Bruce Lee Band announce new EP

The Bruce Lee Band has recently re-assembled and teased their new up coming EP “Community Support Group”. The Band is fronted by Mike park and has previously been backed by members of Less then Jake and the Rx Bandits. This time around Mike put together a supergroup consisting of Jeff Rosenstock, Mike Huguenor and Kevin Higuchi. The EP also features Chris #2 from Anti-flag and Sean Bonette from Andrew Jackson Jihad. The EP is due out January 28th and can be pre-ordered here.


BTMI!’s final show

Sad news today as Bomb the Music Industry! has announced their final show. On January 19th at Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York with the band Cheap Girls. The band announced that it will be giving out a free live recording of the show to every ticket buyer. BTMI! had this to say about it from their website:

Over the past eight years this band has taken us to three continents, countless houses, basements, bars, venues, a few backyards, a lot of tasty restaurants and introduced us to most of our best friends in the world. We’d like to have one last big “fuuuuuuck yeah!” with everybody who has made the past eight years so special for us. We’re doing this on a Sunday of a four-day weekend while college is not in session, with the hopes that anyone who would like to make the trip will be able to do so. Or if you think we’re like the worst, then, y’know, just stay wherever you are.

It’s kind of crazy to think of when this project first started. The major label excess, the RIAA suing students & grandparents for downloading music, releasing music for free or suggested donation being a laughable idea. It’s really great to see how the landscape has changed to a much more level playing field – where everyone has the ability (and is encouraged) to share their music with the world. We’ve been lucky to be part of a wonderful group of bands, and watch a handful of buddies transcend what is thought to be possible by kids in basements jamming. To have a band called Bomb the Music Industry! seems anachronistic. That boring greedy shit monster has been in its death shakes for years.

BTMI! has put out a lot of great music over the years. All of which for free on their website Quote Unquote records along with many other bands. If you are in the area or can afford to make the trip I definitely recommend you check it out as it could be the last time they ever play together. Tickets can be found here.

Morning Glory – Pet Monster

Morning Glory has recently release a free track titled Pet Monster to tease their next up coming full-length album. I am a big fan of Morning Glory’s early work growing and I feel that with recent releases the band has definitely matured. Pet Monster is a silly non serious Halloween themed song. The up beat nature of the song is a  shift from the band’s more serious songs they normally release. The instrumental and vocals definitely nail the Halloween theme of the song.  I never really liked Ezra’s singing style and I have always found it difficult to understand what he is saying. The instrumentals are very solid with deep hard hitting bass lines,  catchy guitar riffs, and even a piano bridge towards the end of the song that helps break up repetition of the song.

Lou Reed dead at 71

Lou Reed

Lou Reed, famous singer-songwriter and guitarist, passed away last weekend due to liver disease. Lou Reed started his career in the 60’s as front-man to The Velvet Underground. He went on to have a successful solo career and continued to write, record, and perform up until his final moments. Lou Reed has influenced a whole generation of musicians and will be missed.

Mikey Erg of The Ergs, plays tribute to Lou Reed in the wake of his passing with a cover of Velvet Underground’s “I’ll be your Mirror”.

Slow Death tease new split album

Slow Death

Minneapolis Punk band Slow Death just released one of their three tracks off their new split with the Brokedowns. The album is slated for digital release at the end of October with physical copies available November 5th through Red Scare.

This is my first time hearing of this band but so far I like their sound. The new split looks very promising. By The Horns has a high energy, intense sound thanks to the powerful vocals and driving instrumentals. The production really brings out the intensity while staying tight and clean sounding. Its a solid tease and I cant wait to hear what else the album has to offer.

Glenn Danzig Vs. Photographer

Here is a short clip of Glenn Danzig inciting the crowd to attack a photographer at his performance at the Cuban Club in Ybor last Wednesday. At about 40 seconds into the video Danzig points to the camera man and tells the crowd to “punch that f#@kin’ @#$hole right there”. Glenn has a strict no photo, no video policy for his shows and this isn’t the first time Glenn has had to enforce his policy. At his 2012 performance at Bonnaroo where he left the stage during his set to stop the photographer but security kept Glenn from reaching him.